SnapseedAnthony Savage is an autodidactic creative whose passion for photography evolved into a pursuit towards digital marketing. At a young age, he spent Saturdays designing powerpoint slideshows that welcomed the customers of his grandmother’s rubber stamp store. His interest in photography began when he received his first camera, a Minolta point-and-shoot, from his grandparents. He would use it daily to take photos until high school when his grandfather gave him a Yakima 35mm SLR film camera. In 2011, he took a high school course in film photography, and the next year earned a seat in an Advanced Placement digital photography course. He assisted the teacher in helping everyone in the class learn how to use photoshop to complete projects while learning the elements of digital photography to complete his own portfolio.

In college, Anthony began developing an interest in telling stories on the now popular app, Snapchat. With Snapchat rolling out a new feature called “Stories”, he began telling his friends about absurd happenings and sharing updates on a daily basis. He continues to tell stories and began using Youtube to share and document other moments that only a camera could capture.

Anthony Savage graduated in December 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media Management and hopes to use his education to bring exceptional social media to build up and educate small churches who have little understanding of how to use it effectively.