Prime Day Clouds Black Friday

Amazon had an amazing integrated marketing campaign when they decided to celebrate their 20th Birthday in a big way. They introduced Prime Day, a day of deals globally Amazon’s web store, full of amazing deals on anything from electronics to food and brought great excitement to users. In one day, Amazon was able to shatter global sales records and even made Black Friday 2014 sales earlier that year look as bleak as it sounds. Using different mediums, Amazon was able to create excitement around their upcoming event, which had never existed before the summer of 2015. Ultimately, Amazon can thank a great marketing strategy for the success they received on Prime Day.

To begin, Amazon started introducing Prime Day via email to all of it’s users. They sent thousands of emails to begin hyping up their event in 2015 and the word began to spread instantly. This online method of spreading the word about the campaign was aimed at their current customers and they also gave users who were not Prime members an opportunity to join in the festivities with a free 30-day trial starting that day. This was an effective strategy and tied in really well with the campaign.

Next, Amazon used offline marketing methods to reach their Audience. Each year, they create a commercial that welcomes back Amazon Prime Day. Below, I have embedded the 2016 Commercial entitled “Deals High and Low” which celebrated that Amazon Prime Day 2016 would be on July 12th. The video is only 21 seconds! You should definitely check it out before continuing!

Okay, if 21 seconds is too long for you, here is a summary of the video: Amazon is going to have Prime Day on July 12, and they will be having huge sales on the “things you want and the things you need!” The video follows animated characters buying things on the go (in a ferris wheel of all places) and then an Amazon Box truck delivering the “things you need” to a home.

The video is short and sweet and simply has a message saying “If you need or want it, Amazon has it at a REALLY great deal on July 12, 2016!” This is very effective for Amazon, and we definitely see this in the record shattering sales that came from Prime Day. In 2014, Amazon sold 5.5 million items on Black Friday. on Prime Day 2015, 34.4 million items were ordered at a rate of 398 items per second, blowing away their Black Friday sales by 28.9 million items during the same time spread. In order to maintain sales, Amazon would stagger their sales, only allowing users to see a sale about every 10 minutes. This kept the event exciting and was a refreshing alternative to Black Friday events where users would usually have to wait in line and compete over limited items that existed within the city they shopped in.

Interested in learning more about Amazon Prime day? Find out more about Amazon Prime Day on CNN and Business Insider.



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