Using Blogs to Reach Your Niche


Blogging is growing out of just being a page on your website. There has been a great boom in the way new users  present themselves, and in most cases, they are leaving the “blog” page of their website behind in order to be more active on social media.

Microblogging is a section of blogging where users create short blasts of posts and usually get updated more frequently than a regular blog might. This tactic is especially popular among young, niche bloggers and they use social media to share their expertise within their industry. Some of the most popular industries include D0-It-Yourself (DIY), Food, Fashion, Home and Lifestyle, and Parenting, and Travel and Adventure. Among these groups, there are influencers who aim to reach their niche. The problem that arises here is how to reach their market. With over 50% of the World’s population being under the age of 30, and 96% of Millennials active on social media this year, users have been more accessible than ever

In order to get past this problem, bloggers need to post on the place where their audience already is. For the DIY industry, experts find that Pinterest and personal blogs are their most effective channels. The Food industry has the highest amount of monthly unique visitors at 23,742, almost 4 times as much as these other industries, also benefits from using Pinterest, but has their highest amount of followers on Facebook. Travel and fashion receive a high amount of followers that come from Facebook and Instagram. Parenting, the industry with the second highest amount of monthly unique visitors, thrives best on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where they have the greatest following. As we can see, these are all social media where these niche blogs are the strongest according to monthly unique visitors and followers. There are also visitors who look for these microblogs on opposing social media, but it is definitely more beneficial when you post on the social media that your audience already exists.

Finally, it is essential that bloggers post their content on the relevant social media. If a Food industry blogger is only posting to Pinterest or Instagram, they are missing the opportunity to reach their market on Facebook. This limits these popular microblogs and can even hurt their chances of gaining awareness. Fashion and Travel are very popular on Instagram, but if the stuck to only one social media, they would also hurt. These industries should focus on bringing their Audiences relevant information and integrating the other medias into their blogs.

Check out an infographic of this information here.


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