Color as Vibrant as Your Phone Screen


2016 is a big time for computers. Innovations are being made weekly it seems and the way consumers absorb content is changing from traditional to digital. Even though this is the case, we cannot disregard the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Companies in the technology realm seem to be expected to stay within the digital trend, but apple has proven that they can break out and use traditional marketing to market their amazing computers and phones.

Apple, Inc. released their iPhone 6s in September of 2015 and along with the product, vibrant advertisements began showing up around the world. “Shot on iPhone 6s” they gloated with beautiful images of artist’s photographs that were taken using the iPhone 6s’ 12MP camera. These billboards showcased bright colored photographs taken by professional photographers around the world that were submitted to Apple, whether individual shots or part of a series. These images were very similar to those of the campaign they ran years ago showcasing their iPod being listened to by a silhouette with white earbuds. These large billboards appeared around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, and wherever else iPhones are sold and brought attention to the high quality of their sapphire lensed, on-board camera.  Without looking at your phone or computer screen, you were able to see the product of the iPhone. This is a big deal for their market of young individuals and photographer/ videographer types who are always on the go.

I believe this is creative, firstly because Apple is showcasing artists who use their product to create beautiful artwork, but it is also simple and easy to recognize. These bright colorful advertisements are not uncommon for Apple to use and the simplicity of the billboard is easy to understand with a very clear message. For photographers, this is a very appealing advertisement and if I’m not already using an iPhone, I would definitely make sure to go do some research on billboard.png


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